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June 7-July 12
Peonies are chosen for form and color. Form refers to the structure of the bloom and petals. What follows are examples of both form and color, and also the various cutting stages.


Single (shown here: Coral and Gold, a favorite with designers) Semi-Double (Coral Charm and Cytherea)
Japanese (Glowing Candles) Double (Willy's White)


Coral (Coral Sunset, shown here with Snowball Viburnum) White with red (Festiva Maxima) White (Eden's Temptation)
Blush (Mary E. Nicols) Very light pink (President Taft)
a variety of colors...
Light pink
Burgundy (Red Charm)
Dark pink (Paula Faye)

Cutting stage

Not all peonies can be cut in the hard stage (3-4 days to open—very safe to ship but uneven ripening). When there is softness in the bud, true color, and an open calyx almost all varieties of peonies can be successfully opened
The green buds (above) are in the hard stage, the puffy ones are in soft stage Soft "marshmallow" stage (NY cut)
(Above, left and right) these are a medium cutting stage

Bunches are 10 stems and a box contains from 160-200 stems.

We normally cut our peonies at 22-24” (55-60cm)

We sell most varieties in a short length (8-12”) for about half price.
Shorts (Cytherea)
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